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About Us

FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. is a District of Columbia Benefit Corporation established in 2019 to create a solid foundation for our long-term mission alignment “Affordable Housing Solutions” for the Mentally disadvantaged persons and value creation.

About Us

By deciding on this organizational structure, it protects our mission through capital raises and leadership changes, and it creates more flexibility when evaluating a potential sale and or liquidity options should we ever decide that an IPO is warranted.

Although FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. Corporation is a traditional corporation it has modified obligations which commits it to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

The five (5) fundamental principles that will help guide this organization to success are:

1) Protect Our Mission.
2) Reduce Liability.
3) Increase Accountability.
4) Attract Talent.
5) Access Capital.


FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. has elected to use a third-party standard, showing our progress towards achieving social and environmental impact to our shareholders and in most cases the wider public.

Traditional corporations are expected to use profit maximization as the primary lens in decision making. Many now see this as a hurdle in creating long-term value for all stakeholders, including the shareholders themselves.

The FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. rejects this myopic model. We are required to consider all stakeholders in our decisions. This gives us the flexibility to create long term value for all stakeholders over the long term, and even through exit transactions such as IPOs and acquisitions.

Our Purpose

FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. commitment and purpose is to create a public benefit and sustainable value, in addition to generating profit. This sustainability is an integral part of our value proposition.


FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. take serious and is very committed to considering the company’s impact on society and the environment in order to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Reduced Director Liability

The FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. status provides legal protection to balance financial and non-financial interests when making decisions—even in a sale scenario or as a publicly traded company.

Expanded Stockholder Rights

Investing in FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. Corporation gives impact investors the assurance they need so that they will be able to hold a company accountable to its mission in the future.

A Reputation For Leadership

FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. will join other high profile, highly respected companies as a benefit corporation, and be at the forefront of a growing movement.

Increased Access to Private Investment Capital

FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. status will insure our company and more attractive to investors as a company with increased legal protection, accountability and transparency around its mission. FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. can also speed up investor due diligence since we produce an annual benefit report, which describes our qualitative activities aimed at producing general public benefit.

An Advantage in Attracting Talent

Research have supported that millennial will grow to 75% of the workforce by 2025, further research shows that 77% say their “company’s purpose was part of the reason they chose to work there.” FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. status gives prospective employees confidence that this company is legally committed to our mission.

Our Reporting Requirements

A narrative description of FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP.

  1. The ways in which FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. pursued general public benefit during the year and the extent to which general public benefit was created.
  2. The ways in which the FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. pursued a specific public benefit that the articles state it is the purpose of the FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. to create.
  3. Any circumstances that has hindered the creation by FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. of general public benefit or specific public benefit.
  4. The process and rationale for selecting or changing the third-party standard used to prepare the benefit report. If applicable, a statement of any connection between the organization that established the third-party standard, or its directors, officers or material owners, and FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. or its directors, officers or material shareholders, including any financial or governance relationship which might materially affect the credibility of the use of the third-party standard.

An assessment of the overall social and environmental performance of FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. against a third-party standard

I. Applied consistently with any application of that standard in prior benefit reports; or
II. Accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for any inconsistent application.

Choosing to invest in FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. because it makes sense for your portfolio companies. At the same time, institutional investors are realizing that they want companies that do more than just make a profit.


Misconception: FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. is not a non-profit, charity, or hybrid entity.

FUND-A-MENTAL VILLAGE CORP. is a for-profit company that wants to consider additional stakeholders in addition to making a profit for our shareholders. Benefit corporation laws do not change or impact tax law in any way. A benefit corporation still must choose either C or S status like a traditional corporation, and are not taxed differently than other types of corporations.